ERPA, the European cosmetics Responsible Person Association was created by Obelis Responsible Person Center (Belgium) and Medical Device Safety Service (Germany) on January 18th 2011. ERPA gathers all the major regulatory operators involved in the compliance process of cosmetic products, namely Safety Assessors, laboratories, GMP Experts and Responsible Person centers. ERPA consists of 21 members from 10 EU Member States and it has been recognized by the European Commission on the 2nd of October 2013. The association is strategically located in the heart of Europe – Brussels, Belgium, close to European institutions.

The vision of the association is to promote high standards of services and professionalism among the European Responsible Persons with the final aim of encouraging safe cosmetic products on the European market.

The mission of the association is to generate awareness of the European Responsible Person roles and obligations, as well as to encourage high standard of professional conduct and competence among the European Responsible Persons.